"Many people think I eat too much food" Hayat and Mahder


"Many people think I eat too much food" Hayat and Mahder -- Heart Tradition (YeLeb Weg) Maya Media Presents |

The third round of tripartite discussions regarding the filling of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and the annual water budget regulations and guidelines began today, October 12, 2016 in Cairo, Egypt.


Ethiopia believes that positive results can be achieved through dialogue based on the Declaration of Principles.


Accordingly, our country will participate in this negotiation process in good faith to enable a result that benefits everyone.


This discussion is part of the efforts of the three countries to create a strong partnership, and in this process, the countries have a shared responsibility to ensure the fair and reasonable use of the Nile River.


These discussions will allow the three countries to come up with ideas of communication that will protect the interests of all and allow them to work together, said the Federal Government Communication Service.


Ethiopia believes that in the tripartite negotiations, if the countries understand the interests and concerns of all the river basin countries and negotiate based on the principle of fair and reasonable benefits, they will reach an agreement that will benefit all.


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