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Electricity Exhibition called Energy Saving Green Africa


#Ethiopia 3A Events Plc., in collaboration with the Ethiopian Electrical Engineers Association, will hold the 4th Ethiopian Electricity Exhibition under the theme "Energy Saving, Green Africa" ​​from February 13-16, 2016 at the Millennium Hall. It was pointed out that Mahaber is celebrating its 25th anniversary.


At the exhibition, more than 300 local and foreign electricity companies

, where more than 100,000 visitors from manufacturers, importers and suppliers participate in the event, various symposiums, seminars and research papers will be presented.

In this arrangement under the Electricity sector as


The company organized three exhibitions based on electricity in Addis Ababa.


 Abdulfatah Ali, the general manager of 3A Events, said that the organizations participating in the exhibition will showcase their products and services, meet governmental and non-governmental organizations with extensive experience in the field, and exchange experiences. They stated that it will help to create a partnership for further work.


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