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Ethiopia and Ghana have been able to create a strong friendship based on pan-Africanism - Takele Uma


Addis Ababa,  Ethiopia and Ghana have had a strong friendship since the establishment of the Organization of African Unity, Federal Minister of Mines - Takele Uma said.


The Minister of Mines, who was the guest of honor at the Ethio-Ghana Friendship Night organized by the Ghana Embassy, ​​pointed out that the Pan-Africanism spirit that enabled Ethiopia to establish the African Union with Ghana has further strengthened the bilateral relationship and made it possible to work closely and jointly on African issues.


Amma Chum, Ambassador of the Ghanaian Embassy in Ethiopia, said that they have made a significant contribution to the independence of African countries and the strengthening of the African Union.


Ghana, like Ethiopia, is known to possess natural mineral wealth, the ambassador said, adding that it is achieving strong results in terms of health system, economic growth and human development.


Aklilu Tadese, Head of Youth Affairs at the Democracy Building Center in the Prime Minister's Office, and Secretary of the National Committee, said that the early leaders of Ethiopia, Emperor Haile Selassie and Ghana's President Kwami Nkurma, played a leading role in the realization of Pan-Africanism and the construction of African institutions.


He said that the historical and political relationship between Ethiopia and Ghana has achieved victory in the anti-colonial movement and the issues of African brotherhood and is a model for others.


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