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The Ethiopian Thugst Asefa won the Berlin Marathon


September 15, 2015 (Walta) The Ethiopian athlete Tuggest Asefa won the Berlin Marathon with a wonderful performance.


The time it took her to complete the distance was 2:15:37, a new record for the place.


In the competition, Kenyan Wanjuru was second, Tugst Abewe, third gold medalist Edesa were the other athletes who finished in fourth place.


When the 2022 Berlin Marathon was held today, Kenyan Elude Kipchoge set a new marathon record.


Kipchoge, the star of the distance, who was also victorious today, finished the 42 km with a time of 2:01:10 and improved his own record.


He had planned to finish two hours before the race, but failed, but set a new record.


In the competition, the other Kenyan, Mark Korir, took the second place, while Tadu Abate and Andoudehu Belhu from Ethiopia followed and finished with the third and fourth place.


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