Artist Welela Assefa house visit with Gizo


Artist Welela Assefa house visit.

Opportunity Polytechnic College and TOM Medical Equipment Repair Company came up with a great project for the benefit of the nation.


City-wide medical equipment and supplies repair campaign officially started!


The city-wide medical equipment and equipment repair campaign jointly organized by the Addis Ababa City Administration Health Office, the Prakareid Polytechnic College and the TOM Medical Equipment Installation and Repair Center is "Let's prevent the waste of medical equipment and equipment together!" Under the slogan, the Practical Opportunity Polytechnic College was officially opened today, April 16, 2015.


At the program, the Director General of Addis Ababa Food, Drug and Health Care Administration and Control Authority, Mr. Tadese Atlabah, Mr. Alemayehu Wurdmu, the Head of the Addis Ababa City Administration Health Office, Mr. Grum Girma, the Dean of Applied Opportunity Polytechnic College, Mr. Tom Medical Equipment Installation and Repair Center, and Mr. Chief Executive Mr. Thomas G. Cross and various invited guests were present.


The dean of the college, Ato Gurum Girma, opened the program with a speech. The guest of honor of the day, Mr. Taddes Atalabah, confirmed that the campaign was officially launched. This campaign is a great opportunity for medical devices that have various broken medical equipment and supplies that are sitting without maintenance services for various reasons. And besides being a part of the campaign by making them repaired, they called to save resources that are being wasted unnecessarily.


At the same time, the head of the Addis Ababa Health Bureau, Ato Alemayehu, said that after his brother explained the great benefits of such campaigns, let's prevent the wastage of medical equipment together! He stated that this campaign, which was organized under the slogan, will have a great benefit for the quality of medical services, and hospitals under the city administration and their health centers under the eleven sub-cities will participate.


In addition, he said that by repairing medical equipment that has stopped serving due to various reasons, the campaign will make a big contribution in preventing the wastage of medical equipment in addition to maintaining the quality of medical services provided.


It is believed that the quality of medical equipment in the sector plays a role in the growth of the health sector and the owner and CEO of TOM Medical Equipment Installation and Maintenance Center, Mr. Thomas G/Kres, has contributed a lot to the growth of the health sector. Since they are foreign, they use a lot of foreign currency.


These medical equipment and devices need to be regularly checked by an expert so that they don't get damaged prematurely, and when they get damaged, they need to be repaired or repaired immediately so that the medical equipment can be used for the purpose for which it was purchased.

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