Rakeb Alemayehu to get married so soon


Rakeb Alemayehu is preparing for her wedding after reveling her plans to her fans.

Previously she was working with Ebs Sunday show with Asfaw Meshesha but due to some little disagreement they parted their ways. Just after leaving ebs she immediately started a new YouTube channel with her official name and she got more than 100K Subscribes with in a week. This shows how much she is loved and appreciated while she was working with ebs crew, first as a news presenter and later Sunday show.


Renaissance Dam 2nd turbine started to generate power



Addis Ababa: A ceremony was held to announce the start of generating power for the 2nd turbine of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.


Unit 9, which started operation today, has the capacity to generate 270 megawatts of power.


Unit 10, which generates 270 megawatts, started generating power last February.


Following this, the great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will generate a total of 540 megawatts of electricity, including today's.


This means the electricity generated by Gibe 1 and Gibe 2 together.


At the current height and water level of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, each turbine, including the one commissioned today, can generate 270 megawatts of electricity.


When the dam starts generating power at full capacity, each turbine will generate 375 megawatts of power.

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