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Let's talk about America Episode 3:

The Grand Canyon



The Grand Canyon has been captivating visitors for centuries and is one of the must-visit destinations. The view from this steep canyon wall to the endless horizon and the unfathomable depths below is one of the highlights of any visit to the United States.



You can visit the Grand Valley on a day trip from Las Vegas or Phoenix, or from nearby smaller towns, including Sedona or Flagstaff.



Another option: A road trip through Arizona and surrounding states or a train ride from Williams AZ to the Great Valley are other fun options.



The most popular and highly visited southern rim of the Grand Canyon is open to visitors year-round. To avoid scheduling conflicts with winter visitors, it is recommended to visit in the spring when the weather is good and the number of visitors is low.



In winter, the road to the northern end of the valley is closed due to snow.


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