The story of journalist Rakeb Alemayehu marriage


Rakeb Alemayehu is a famous Ebs journalist and now she rums her own business after she had left the television channel.


"We are happy to say that we have delivered buses that will ease the transportation problem" - Mayor Adanech Abebe


Addis Ababa, Mayor Adanech Abebe said, "We are happy to bring you modern buses to alleviate the abuse of transportation services on the day of service."


The administration launched 110 modern buses purchased with a loan from the World Bank today.


The mayor of Addis Ababa, Adanech Abebe, in his speech at the launch of the buses, said that the buses were purchased from U T Tong Company at a cost of 16.5 million dollars.


He pointed out that the buses will help alleviate the increasing transportation problem in the city, especially that they will operate as if they have the well-known and age-old Lion Bus brand.


In addition, Mayor Adanech said that the city administration will put 200 buses into operation in the next three months.


The administration stated that the government is moving with determination to modernize the sector, including the buses that entered service today.


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