Artist Dawit Alemayehu wedding


Dawit Alemayehu is a famous Ethiopian singer who won Ethiopian idol talent show competition.

If we unite, listen, fight each other, our potential is more than this, we will rest only when we prosper" Mayor Adanech Abebe


Mayor Mrs. Adanech Abebe, 27 residential houses and 8 commercial houses in Kirkos Sub-city by the Customs Commission, 8 houses built by Defense Enterprise; They also handed over 50 houses built by Heineken beer, totaling 103 houses to the underprivileged.


At the handover ceremony, Mayor Adanech expressed that he is happy to have done works that can solve the problems of the residents. He said that since there are many volunteers who care about the illness of their people, we have handed over more than 952 houses, including Kirkos, today alone.

This shows that if we work together, if we listen, if we are strong, our capacity is more than this, the mayor said.


Dr. Brock, the chief executive of the district, said that one of the functions of the city administration is to build and hand over houses to the community.


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