Vitamin D deficiency symptoms and cure


Vitamin D deficiency and cure by Dr Seife.

Forbidden foods for pregnant women


✅ Liver

Vitamin A is essential for the development of the baby in the womb. Pregnant women get this vitamin from fruits, vegetables, meat and eggs. But too much vitamin A is bad for the baby and can cause problems during delivery


✅ Dairy products (unpasteurized)


A pregnant woman should have two to three servings of dairy products a day. When they contain calcium, protein and vitamin D, they are useful in building the baby's developing bones, teeth, heart and nerves. But not all dairy products are good for you, so you should avoid raw milk and other raw dairy products.


✅ Processed Meat


When we think of eating a quick and easy meal, the choice of most of us is a sandwich. But if you're pregnant, you should take a closer look at what the sandwiches are made of. Because there is a concern that he may have a bacteria called Listeria. This bacterium is the only bacterium that continues to grow in very cold weather.




Salad is made from fresh vegetables and fruits. This makes it the number one preferred healthy food. But stop eating salad at the vegetable garden, juice house and cafeteria because the temperature in which the vegetables are stored and the time they are prepared determine the healthiness of the food. Therefore, it is preferable to cook and eat at home.


Juice (unpasteurized)


Juicing is an easy way to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet, but not all juices are healthy for your health. Because they can contain bacteria called Escherichia coli or Listeria.


✅ Undercooked meat and raw fish

When you are pregnant, you should say goodbye to raw meat and raw fish. Bacteria and other disease-causing organisms can live on undercooked or raw meat and seafood.


✅ Eggs that are not cooked enough


Eggs are a source of protein, vitamins and minerals. But if you are pregnant, you should make sure that the eggs you eat are well-cooked. If it is not cooked properly, however, you are at risk of exposure to a bacteria called salmonella.


✅ Coffee


Caffeine is a big concern. Drinking large amounts of coffee during pregnancy is associated with miscarriage.


Fish with high mercury


A pregnant woman should avoid eating fish with high mercury content. This chemical has a tendency to accumulate in your body and can damage your nervous system.




Many experts agree that a pregnant woman should not drink alcohol during pregnancy to prevent fetal alcohol syndrome.


The main thing is health!


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