We were selling everything we have


This family were selling what they have in their hoise in order to survive.

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A negative campaign on education and assessment is unacceptable - Amhara Region Government Communication


Addis Ababa,  A negative campaign on education and assessment is unacceptable, according to Amhara Region Government Communication.


In the message of the regional communication regarding the issue, the negative campaign on education and assessment is against the idea of ​​producing a generation that is a wealth of the country based on knowledge.


Therefore, the act is not separate from the crime of genocide against humanity, he said.


Due to the high attention given by the government to this issue, the evaluation system is fulfilling its responsibility to not only improve the quality of education, but also to maintain the power of educated people and to repair the fractures of the evaluation system in the long run.


 It was also pointed out that the government and education leadership and institutions should not only support the implementation of the curriculum change and the measures being taken to increase the effectiveness of the assessment system.


The information we received from the regional communication also indicates that it is the responsibility of every citizen to create a generation that is rich in knowledge, developed in its views, skilled in its skills and effective.


At the same time, he called on all citizens to play their part in the effort to correct the generational problem of the assessment system.


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