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"We can even grow wheat that will survive for others, and we have started the way for that." - Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed


Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed has started national summer irrigated wheat cultivation in Kulule Kebele, Tulugullet District, Fafen Zone, Somali Region.


The Prime Minister in his speech at the same time; "We can even cultivate wheat that will survive for others. We have started the way for this. The biggest example of this is the Somali region. It is possible to produce 40 quintals per hectare," he said.


This year, it is planned to cultivate one point three million hectares of land for summer wheat and get 52 million quintals of wheat.


It is stated that this will not only satisfy the country's consumption but also supply it to the foreign market.


This year, we will supply more than one million quintals of wheat to the foreign market, said the Prime Minister


The Ministry of Agriculture has stated that 24.5 million quintals of wheat were harvested in summer irrigation wheat cultivation last year.


It has been stated that Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed's high leadership commitment, integrated financial support and the establishment of the National Wheat Irrigation Project Coordinating Office contributed to the outstanding results achieved in summer wheat cultivation in four consecutive years.


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