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An infotainment program on Sunday afternoon with EBS’ own Asfaw Meshesha ,Nafkot Tigistu, Mekdes Debesay & Tinsae Berhane . 

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The review of the 2015 academic year preparation chapter summary report has begun.


    The evaluation of the 1st quarter of 2015 plan implementation report of the 1st and 2nd grade schools of Dredawa Management Education Bureau is being conducted today by Alliance Ethio-French, and this evaluation will mainly evaluate the summary report of the preparation phase of the 2015 academic year.


    It should be remembered that schools from the 1st level to the 2nd level in the administration of Dredawa have been conducting registration for students to enter school since August. Evaluation of the report has been started in the presence of house principals, supervisors, education coordinators.


    Especially since educational work must be regularly monitored and supported, in terms of involving stakeholders in the evaluation of the report that started today, in terms of achieving student admission and planning, in terms of making school environments comfortable and involving stakeholders in doing maintenance and beautification works, one kebele from another kebele and one cluster from another cluster can gain learning experience and practice. Mrs. Muluka Mohammed, who is in charge of Dredawa's Management Education Office, said that the chapter is a platform aimed at helping them do better work.


      Mr. Muluka Mohammad said that the evaluation of the report which started today and will be completed tomorrow, only the 1st grade schools are being evaluated and in the future, the 2nd grade schools will be evaluated.


He blossomed in Alemayehu.


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