The girl who loves eating


The girl who loves banana.

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The facts of the women's rehabilitation and rehabilitation center construction center which will be completed and opened for service in 13 months

Yesterday, Mayor Adanech Abebe officially launched the Women's Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Center, which has high hopes for alleviating women's social problems.


???? It is training up to 10 thousand women per year and it is planned to train up to 100 thousand women in 10 years. After training, it is also used as a source of trained manpower supply to the work area where the women are employed in the country and abroad.


???? Long-term and short-term trainings are provided, and there will be psychological and life skills as well as different technical trainings.


 ???? The institution has a training facility and will have a hostel or dormitory building, a 1000 vehicle parking lot, a nursery, dining rooms, entertainment and shops.


???? The center will provide training in beauty, weaving, chain work, electrical and plumbing, fashion and design, food and hospitality skills.


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