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We will repeat the results we saw in Hadase Dam, Green Footprint and Wheat production with the quality of education - PM Abiy Ahmed


Addis Ababa, September 29, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said that we will repeat the results we saw in Hadase Dam, Green Footprint and wheat production with the quality of education.


The Prime Minister has sent an online message to the 12th standard exam teachers across the country.


In his message, he recalled that the examination system was exposed to problems in the past years by parties with different interests.


This year, in the effort to get rid of this problem, the role of teachers is high, so he entrusted them to carry out their responsibilities faithfully.


On his part, the Minister of Education, Professor Birhanu Nega, stated that so far the preparations for the exam have been successful.


He urged the parties involved in the process, including the examiner teachers, to work cooperatively and responsibly so that the examination can be completed successfully in the way it was started.


The information we received from the Ministry of Education indicates that in all 12th class examination universities, there will be a briefing for the examinees.


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