How does your mobile phone work? | ICT #1


Have you ever wondered how your mobile is working? No cable unlike residential telephone, but still working perfect. How does it connects you to the other end user? We will explore in detail how it works with this amazing video.

Basically there are three main parts in mobile communication.

1. Mobile Device - the device you carry to call, to text or browse the internet with. This is basically owned by you.

2. BTS - Base Station Transceiver, this is the tower you see around your home or on the road while you travel.

3. BSC - Base Station Controller - This control communication between several BTS, for example, as you travel this will help to find the better signal strength and switches between those who have more power to your service.

4. This is called MSC - This is the most important part to decide who you are trying to connect. This has a big database in which it decides where the receiver location is at the moment you are trying to make a call.

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