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Nativity of Mary Church


#Ethiopia The foundation stone of the 2.1 billion birr self-help multi-purpose building construction project was laid for Maryam Church.


The building sits on 3200 square meters and the total area is 25,805 square meters.


It is stated that the building to be built is a shopping center and a kindergarten.


The foundation stone was laid by the central manager of Gondar Diocese, Bekure Tiguhan Zera Dawit Hailu and the first deputy mayor of Gondar City Administration, Ato Bayuh Abuhay.


According to the manager of the Diocese of Central Gondar, Kure Tiguhan Zara Dawit Hailu, the building that is being read is on the site of the Mekene Sabahat Birth Church, but it will be built for the service of the people of Gondar.


Batre Tiguhan Zera Dawit, who said that the building to be built should not count years, called on the community leaders in Ethiopia and all over the world to use the grace given to them by God to support and coordinate in the historical Diocese of Gondar.


He called on the people of Gondar city and the followers of the Orthodox Tewahedo faith living in different countries to leave their mark by helping them with their strength, knowledge, gender and money.


On his part, the first deputy mayor of Gondar city administration, Mr. Bayuh Abuhai, said that the church has contributed to the building of peace and the building of the next generation, as well as the buildings we have reached and are proud of.


 The previous deputy mayor said that the church should continue to strengthen the construction of peace and the construction of the next generation.


Mr. Bayuh said that this multi-purpose self-help construction will create job opportunities and will play an important role in building the image of the city.


The foundation stone for the construction of a building that rests on a 3x200 square meter width of 25,805 square meters of the sea baptism of Maryam Church was laid on the occasion of the birth of Mekane Sabhat.

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