Yoni Magna Interview with Seifu Part 1 - Enjoy!


This is Yoni Magna who has been away for more than 15 years and now back home!

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Coach Wubetu Abate invited 23 players


Ethiopian national team coach Wubutu Abate has called for 23 players for the Africa Cup of Nations match against Guinea.


As a result, goalkeeper Fasil Gebre Michael was selected from Bahardar Kenema, Saeed Habtamu from Adama Kenema and Abubakar Nura from Ethiopia Medn.


In the defense department, Ramadan Yusuf, Suleman Hamid, Berhanu Bekele, Million Solomon, Ushish Debebe, Kit Gat Kut, Asalu Tammen and Jared Baye were selected.


In the midfield player, Yehun Aschaw, Emmanuel Yohans, Gatok Panom, Shimelesh Bekele, Kanaan Markneh, Tafese Salomon and Binyam were selected.


According to the information we received from the Ethiopian Football Federation, Yosef Tarekun, Abel Dalai, Omod Ukuri, Yeqelu Bogale and Abobeker Nasir have been selected in the attacking division.


Ethiopia's rival Guinea has also announced 23 players for the national team, including Liverpool striker Navi Keta.



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