'I dont enjoy local films' actress Fenan Hidru


'I dont enjoy local films' actress Fenan Hidru.

Turkish importers are going to supply iron and steel related goods to Ethiopia


Addis Ababa, October 2022 Turkish steel importers have agreed to supply iron and steel-related goods to Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Maritime Transport and Logistics Service Organization said.


He also announced that the supply will be done from the Turkish ports of Aligas, Izmir and Alexandria in agreement with steel importers and their agent Arkas, who supply iron and steel-related goods.


Roba Megersa, Chief Executive Officer of Ethiopian Maritime Transport and Logistics Service Company, said that suppliers are ready to provide efficient service and low cost shipping to Djibouti port destinations.


As long as Ethiopia is able to provide enough steel production, a favorable situation will be created in terms of transportation to have domestic demand-oriented supply from the steel importers in Turkey.


He stated that Ethiopia is working to increase service access by deploying its own cargo ships to Turkish ports.


He pointed out that the company regularly deploys its own ships and additional charter ships to Turkish loading ports and is working to increase its service reach.


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