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Ethio-Telecom and GetFact Ethiopia signed to jointly run an educational program called "Bruh Twold".


Addis Ababa,  Ethio-Telecom and GetFact Ethiopia have signed a cooperation agreement to jointly run an educational program called "Bruh Twold".


The CEO of Ethio Telecom, Frehiwot Tamru, said that projects such as digital education programs are helpful in building a digital Ethiopia.


The executive said that we are working to make such digital projects fruitful by using the full potential of technology, and mentioned that one of the things we are doing is to increase access to education.


He also said that they are ready to work together when the generation living in foreign countries bring Ethiopia and similar country-building projects.


The founder of GetFact Ethiopia, Dr. Birhanu Bulcha, said that this platform is the first base for the diaspora community to help the country.


He said that the agreement will play a major role in bringing about the transfer of knowledge by involving Ethiopians and Ethiopian scholars living in different parts of the world so that the centers can achieve the purpose for which they were established.


GetFact Ethiopia is said to be able to coordinate Ethiopians living in different countries to provide training on short and transformative issues that will be completed at different times in the program of educational promotion and equipping the nation's youth with knowledge.


GetFact Ethiopia is an organization established by Ethiopians living abroad and Ethiopians of birth.


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