Artist Fenan Hidru got a surprise


Artist Fenan  Hidru got a surprise present from her fan

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed discussed with university scholars


Addis Ababa, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed with university scholars from all over the country "For the prosperity of the country; Discuss the topic "Role of Scholars".


Participants presented various questions in the process of teaching and learning and on issues of national development, peace and security and there was a wide discussion.


Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed pointed out that the intellectuals are required to make the necessary efforts to build the country they want to be at a better level.


Realizing the various social and economic pressures that Ethiopia is facing, he reminded them to play a greater role in adapting their needs to the existing conditions and generating mature solutions.


Information from the Prime Minister's Office indicates that they have directed the relevant parties to monitor the core issues raised by the participants.


Prime Minister Abiy stated that the role of intellectuals is crucial in empowering the future generation to serve the country by raising them to a useful form and level.


He asked all university scholars to do their part in this responsibility.


He said that it is expected from scholars to apply true intellectualism in order to bring concrete solutions to national challenges.

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