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Addis Ababa: Noise pollution


#Ethiopia It was revealed that the high level of noise pollution from the night dance halls in Addis Ababa is causing social problems for the residents.


Noise pollution in Addis Ababa city, especially the loud noise from night dance halls, is frequently complained about.


In the areas where Addis Media Network conducted a survey, it was observed that the sound that should be heard from night dance halls is 45 decibels, but more than 90 decibels is being emitted.


The Standing Committee on Construction and Environmental Protection of the Addis Ababa City Council visited the damage caused by the noise pollution in the night dance halls.


The chairman of the standing committee, Mrs. Niametullah Kebede, said that the sound coming from the dance halls was a problem that disturbed the local residents.


Addis Ababa City Environmental Protection Authority Office also urged that the pollution should be controlled by implementing the issued guidelines and procedures.


According to Addis Ababa Deputy Manager of Environmental Protection Authority Ato Mulukun Jonas, 36 night dance halls were subjected to excessive noise monitoring and control.


The deputy manager also announced that measures ranging from warning to packing will be taken against commercial establishments that emit noise above the expected decibel level.


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