Teddy Afro on artist Madingo funeral


Teddy Afro on artist Madingo funeral. Heart touching scenes..

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Udase Diagnostic Center is going to provide free treatment to more than 2 thousand citizens under the name of "Pagumen for Health".


Wadase Diagnostic Center in Addis Abena is one of the centers that provide advanced health examination services with modern technology and this year marks its 13th year since its establishment. He is fulfilling his social responsibilities through the services provided in the health sector in the past years.


The owner and general manager of the center, Ms. Udase Egbeharan, said that the free medical services provided annually under the motto "Pagumen for Health" will continue this year.


In the past 12 years, Pagumen has provided all the services provided by the organization free of charge to the people coming from different parts of the country.


He explained that he has completed the preparations to organize thirteen charity activities for more than 2,000 citizens on the five days of Pagume, including the free examination campaign. From August 23rd to 30th, it will be held in areas such as helping the needy, street citizens, blood donation day, cleaning campaign day, redemption donation day, general medical check-up for certain blind people.


Mrs. Udase Gegbaran told Bisrat Radio that the center is building a 20-floor special medical examination service.


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