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"More than 11,000 schools have been able to provide food to more than 5 million students."


- Head of Government Ato Shimelis Abdisa


#Ethiopia In the Oromia region, through the student feeding program, they have been able to provide food to more than 5 million students who study in more than 11 thousand schools, said the head of the state, Mr. Shimelis Abdisa.


In a message posted on his social networking page by the head of government, the change leadership has put into practice the traditional system of helping the Oromo people, Busa Gonofa, which was implemented in the Geda system, with the idea of ​​aligning government policies with the traditions and culture of the people.


A year after Busa Gonofa gained legal status, it has more than 11 million members and has collected more than one billion birr in kind and cash from various parties.


Similarly, while it has played a significant role in reaching out and helping communities exposed to man-made and natural disasters quickly and to help them recover, its purpose is broad and goes beyond temporary assistance.


The objectives of the declaration are mainly to develop and enrich our people's culture and values ​​of cooperation; Ensuring transparency, participation, fairness and accountability in its assistance and support; Establishment of legal structure and procedures; Prevent, mitigate, and identify potential hazards; They are also considering the establishment of an organization that will manage and coordinate the activities.


In his message, I call upon our people to participate in the early tradition of Busa Gonofa, reaching out to the needy on the one hand, and standing by the school children on the other hand, in an effort to produce a culture of giving and knowledge.

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