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We have a historic responsibility to make the national consultation successful - Speaker Tagese Tafou


The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Ato Tagese Thafo, stressed that every stakeholder should fulfill their historical responsibility in order for the national consultation to be successful.


This was said at the time when the Ethiopian National Consultative Commission announced the schedule of its next major activities.


Mr. Tagese Thafo said that the council will continue to strengthen its monitoring and support for the success of the commission's next task.


According to the chief commissioner of the commission, Prof. Mesfen Araya, who presented the report, the commission has been making preparations to hold consultations as a basis for creating a national consensus.


It is said that the national consultation will be held in March 2015 by establishing an operating system until December 2015, gathering an agenda in January and February, and completing the formulation of consultation agendas from February to March 2015.


The chief commissioner explained that an equal implementation system will be followed in four areas of focus, namely regional, zonal, city administrations, federal and diaspora, and all sections of society will have equal participation and influence in the consultation process.


Following the report presented, various opinions and questions were presented by the members of the council and a wide discussion was held. In the process so far, the commission has been indicated to carry out promising works.


The House of People's Representatives has announced that care should be taken during the meeting of the participants of the consultation, the gathering of the agenda and the selection of moderators.


  • ታደሰ ምንደሲል

    አንዱ ብርቅዬ ለሌላዋ ወርቃማ አለኝታ ሆኖ ሲገኝ እንዴት ደስ ይላል?

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    Ye enem hasab begizew merdat kalteciale were bcia new trfu befetari yemtcilu stmot kemalkesn mawrat ahun dresulat kalhuone smwan atabeteltluwat behyiwet eskalci dres ereft stuwt were bcia huone enanten agenda masfia besmam amlac ydreslat telotacin ydereshi enku ehtacin:broken_heart:

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