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Ethiopian Breaking News TEDDY AFRO New! Official single got most viewed Ethiopian Music ever, in 1 day more than 2.3 million views.
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Five facts you must know about famous Ethiopian actress Etsehiwot Abebe

Etsehiwot is a charming presence in Ethiopian film industry. Here is top five facts you may need to know.

Etsehiwot is born in Addis Ababa city around commonly known place as ‘italian sefer’. She attended her primary school at African union and Edeget fana where as she attended her secondary school at Medhanialem secondary school which is located around medhanialem area.

She joined the modeling world at a very tender age of 16 years old and she as also attended ‘miss school of modeling’ to nurture her talent. Before she started working as a cast she used to appear in music clips as a model.

The first movie Etsehiwot took part in is ADAM. Next to this movie she performed in a movie called PENDULUM which helped her to get attention from the public for her amazing performance.

After watching her top class performance on the pendulum movie many directors and film makers had knocked her door to get her approval to appear in their movies. ARATU SHAMWOCH, PERMUDA, KEZKAZAW TORINET, SELAYOCHU and ASNEKIGN were the movies she took part in as a main character.

She has also took part in many television series which were aired on ETV and EBS. On her movie named as ‘Ke eletat’ she was a lead actress as well as producer of the film. The performance she showed on this film landed her the 3rd Guma Award best actress of the year.

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