Teddy afro wedding was one of the best


Wedding photos of Teddy Afro and Amleset Muchie

Teddy afro wedding was one of the best.

Mayor Mrs. Adanech Abebe inaugurated and started work at Keryu Bread Factory, which can produce 1 million loaves of bread per day.


At the same time, Mayor Adanech said:

• Collecting investors and getting your money alone will not work; This project is one of the ones that are lined up as we say that changing the lives of your citizens will be a blessing and a blessing.

• In the last 90/60 days, we have seen that by building 25 bread factories, they have opened in every area and provided different resources so that they can be a blessing to their area.

• This is the third of what we call large bread factories. Sheger Dabo; Light Dabo continued from Reyu Dabo today.

• Therefore, it will not be rare to find bread in our city; It is not by importing wheat, but by importing it from our farmers.

• Our journey is far from over and we still have a lot of work to do. But these are demonstrations of what we can do.


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