Teddy's reflection on late famous artist Madingo


Teddy's reflection on late famous artist Madingo.

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Ethio Telecom and the document verification registration service have signed an agreement to pay through Telebur


Director General of Document Verification and Registration Service Ato Mulukun Amare told Bisrat Radio that it is possible to pay the fee for the document verification and registration service.


Document Verification and Registration handles seven thousand three hundred and fourteen individuals per day and announced that it is working to digitize the services it provides.


Today, the institution has announced that it has developed a system to make payments via Telebur to modernize the service it provides to customers.


Ethio Telecom is currently working to build a digital Ethiopia and is working in partnership with various government and private institutions, said Ethio Telecom CEO Mrs. Frehiwot Tamru.


The Federal Document Verification Agency currently has 15 branches, 27 different services and more than 7,000 customers, and it has been stated that it handles service fees of more than 6.5 million birr per day.


It has been reported that Ethio Telecom currently has 22.9 million customers, 97 main agents, 96 thousand agents and 22 thousand merchants and has handled more than 41.03 billion birr transactions.


By Eden Schmelz


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