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Ethio Telecom provided notebook support to a needy student in Dredawa's administration.


Eastern Region Ethio Telecom supported 1450 students with textbooks for the 2015 school year for disadvantaged students living in Dredawa.


Abubakar Adosh, Deputy Head of Education Bureau of Dredawa, who attended the support program, said that this good deed is one of the actions we are doing to prevent the students from dropping out of school by cooperating and supporting the government and private institutions in our country.


Eastern Region Ethio Telecom Operation Director Mr. Taswe Shimelis stated that this kind of charity work provides various support to children who are orphans and elderly people who have no funeral home. They stated that they have provided notebook support to the needy student.


The director added to this that the management and staff of the institution took over three of our students from educational institutions and supported them every month apart from school materials, so that they would not drop out of school and would support them until they reach higher education.


The students who received support said that receiving this kind of support will prevent them from dropping out of school, and said that this kind of support should be strengthened for students like them.


Patience Tolosa

Photo: Mulalem Desi

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