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The city administration gave an explanation about the 20/80 three-bedroom shared house.


⚡️ Last week, when the city administration released the lottery of 20/80 for the 14th round and 40/60 for the 3rd round of shared housing, it gave an explanation on the issue of the non-inclusion of three-bedroom house registrants in the 20/80 program, causing confusion in the community.


He raised the following points in his explanation.


???? Only 1997 records were fully drawn and hosted for the 20/80 home program in this round.


???? 20/80 registrants of 2005, starting from studio, one, two and three bedrooms are not included in the lottery.


???? It should be noted that the 40/60 house program was fully included in the lottery in 2005. In this round of the lottery, 40/60 one-, two-, and three-bedroom houses were drawn.


???? Therefore, only three-bedroom registrants registered in 1997 were not accommodated in this round.


???? The main reason for this is that in the 12th round of the lottery, the three-bedroom program was closed after all the three-bedroom registrants from 1997 were accommodated.


???? After this, the program was made out of the system by the decision of the board that manages the houses, saying that there is no one who can get a 20/80 three-bedroom lot among the 1997 registrants.


???? As a result, it was not possible to hold a draw in this (14th) round.

However, after the closure, the information obtained from the bank was few and far between, and few qualified persons were found to have continued to save.


???? At present, when the registration is being taken from the bank (when it is being reviewed), it has been possible to find a few people who are saving properly and qualified 20/80 registrants among the 1997 registrants.


???? Therefore, the administration believes that these subscribers should be accommodated as long as they save properly according to the information received from the bank, even though the program is officially closed.


???? However, in order to prevent the further data confusion caused by the limited information on the system, it has been decided that we should treat these registrants separately, due to the fact that it is not necessary to open the system to only a few savers.


???? Therefore, we would like to inform you that you who registered in 1997 and have properly reserved three bedrooms will be treated in a special way by the program issued by the administration; We would like to remind the public to guard against some false information about this!!


???? In addition, we will inform you that the leaders in charge of the sector will deliver additional information through various media, the city administration explained.

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