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Wood, the families of our channel, according to our word, we will start delivering information to you about the dish!! Read this important note


Part 1

©(????​​????​​????​​????) Dish is a basic satellite device to receive satellite and if it is to work well, it should be adjusted with an accurate degree (angle).

Each degree of dish has its own satellite even in points!!


 In addition to this, the following are the main problems that cause our dish to be fixed regularly.



✔ Lack of dish size

   When the size of the dish is smaller, the amount of absorption also decreases, but in our country, for example, because the Nilesat coverage is high, we can use 60cm dishes.


✔ Dish screws to be spanato

    As a result of frequent breakdowns, screws are subject to this loosening problem when they are tightened and loosened.


✔ LNB fatigue

   The problem of not providing the required quality due to the factory where it was made or because it has been used many times.


✔ Dish cable cutting

     Each time a rope is cut, the strength decreases. If it is not possible, it is better not to continue more than two times. It also exposes them to rust.


✔ Rust around the cable conector

     Because rain water gets them, they are exposed to rust and it does not transmit signal.


✔ The condition of the roof of the dish

    Dish rack roof plays a major role in this work. If the roof doesn't have a lot of joists underneath and the gauge of the sheet is low, it will give way easily.

Part 2 continues.

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