Yefazilet Lijoch Episode 76 on Kana Television


Yefazilet lijoch episode 76 on kana television.


Balderas in the General Assembly to be held two weeks later; Iskandar Negan is going to choose a successor


Balderas for Real Democracy Party on August 22; 2014 General Assembly; "Ethiopian Insider" sources said that an election will be held to replace the party's president, Iskandar Nega. Mr. Iskandir Nega's message on Balderas' official social networking page today and regarding the future course of the party; The party's executive committee will hold a discussion tomorrow, the sources added.


A member of the party's executive committee, who did not want to be named, told "Ethiopia Insider"; Iskandar ended his relationship with the party two weeks ago. The message posted on the party's social media page this Thursday; Through the Balderas Support Committee in North America; He pointed out that it did not come from the head office in Addis Ababa.


"Iskander has not entered office since July 16. He doesn't pick up the phone either. He has a relationship with the North American Support Committee, but he ended his relationship with us on July 16. "We know about his security from the information we get from North America," Balderas executive committee member said what he knows about the party's president.


The same leadership said that the message spread on Balderas' social networking page was not "the one sent by the executive of the party". The party's executive committee said, "In a statement issued today; He will have a discussion on Iskandar's case and how our approach will be.


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