Rutha Mengsteab celebrated her wedding anniversary


Rutha Mengsteab celebrated her wedding anniversary.

Diplomats are expected to promote the country's investment options - Ambassador Misganu Arga



As the current state of peace in Ethiopia is favorable for business and investment, diplomats are required to widely promote the country's investment options, said Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Misganu Arga.


A forum organized by the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was held.


The current state of peace in Ethiopia creates a favorable environment for trade and investment, said the Minister of State. He explained that this good opportunity should be used properly.


Diplomats representing Ethiopia in various countries should promote the country's trade and investment opportunities widely, Ambassador Misganu Arga said.


Ambassador Misganu stressed that the diplomats should work to expand and strengthen foreign direct investment in Ethiopia from its current level.


He pointed out that this will help to increase the country's foreign trade performance. They also stated that they are required to carry out activities to bring foreign direct investment into the country, ESA reported.


Ambassador Misganu stressed that in order to attract foreign investment and increase the ability to supply products to the foreign market, diplomats should have access to sufficient information about Ethiopia.


The President of the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Engineer Melaku Ezedu, said that diplomats have great potential to expand investment in Ethiopia. He said that the platform has a significant contribution to increase foreign direct investment by expanding trade and investment options in Ethiopia.


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