Kalkidan Tibebu, Tariku Birhanu ex-wife


Kalkidan Tibebu, Tariku Birhanu ex-wife.

This is not said in front of a child!


#Ethiopia It is not said in front of a child. We may have heard that you should not do that in front of a child.


Yes, parents should be careful what they do in front of their children.


Parents - for their speech

           - They should be careful about their actions.


Saying harsh words in front of their children, cursing, smoking in front of children, having sex in the presence of children and so on; They don't have to. These things should be kept out of the reach of children, just like medicine. Children can copy and apply things that we do more than we can imagine.


A recent study at the University of Michigan found that 1-year-old, 2-month-old children were able to re-enact what they had seen on TV for a few minutes.


This shows that children notice what they have seen from a young age and try to repeat it.


As parents, let's be a role model for our children and do the right thing in front of them.


* Parents of the first teachers

* It should be noted that the first classroom is also our home.


#Share so that the message reaches everyone


By Dr. Enoch Zedu

(Pediatric specialist and

 The author of the book "Don't Grow Up With Your Chances"


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