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August 5 is a historic day!


The enemy is seeing and hearing and the renaissance continues to be a reality.


One turbine that is successfully generating power today alone generates over 270 megawatts (actual)!

As I always say, there must be knowledge about what happened to appreciate or to criticize!


Well, what do you mean... the power generated by one of the turbines that started operating today is more than enough for the annual consumption of many countries. Where and where is the chapa found if we put the whole of the obtained energy.


Sierra Leone: Gambia: Burundi: Chad, this is when today's turbine alone is too much for them. Tonga, Vanatu, Kiribati, etc., small and small countries combined together, they would have saved more than a hundred megawatts to meet their annual needs from this turbine!!..


Congratulations again to all the lovers of the whole country!


I am glad to be a part of this generation of history makers!


By the way, today is also my birthday!


The government has decided to make the announcement of the completion and the commissioning of the first turbine to coincide with my poor birthday, so I cannot pass without thanking the officials who planned this for their sincerity!


For those of you who ask how old are you, this year I have reached the age to find a heart!


Thank you all for wishing me a happy birthday!


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