Kalkidan Tibebu and Solomon Bogale


Kalkidan Tibebu and Solomon Bogale.

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#Ethiopia They waited 39 years in the hope that he would return one day, just as he left home. No. Their tears, which had flowed for centuries, dried up. They got used to living with nothing, and they grew old saying "Ehhh...". It was not just one or two diseases that caused their strong grief. Nervu's pain was intense.


Following the end of the Derg regime, the media used to explain about the disappearance of the festival, when, how and under what conditions; Hoping to find some clue or solution. There is nothing to plead for justice. As time went by, they became weaker. Although they did not give up hope, Hala Hala refused to do any official interview about the festival. They did this to avoid unnecessary speculation. And as they matured alone, the sermon bubbled up.


Gash Abera Lema (journalist and author) and I used to ask them again and again. We had no tradition other than the festival. They killed us one day, but they also killed me. It happened like this. Their house, which is located in the plain of Piasa Garden, is the Kebead (Government) house, where they have been living since the time of the festival. You don't want to leave this house. Maybe if the festival comes, they are hoping to lose me.


And one day the roof began to leak due to the old age of the house. They were allowed to renew it after several applications and research. Workers came in and renovated the house, along with the maid who had been with them for over 30 years and their son. Paint them. They took the money they earned. When they were refurbishing the abandoned house, it was discovered that something was missing. It is a huge suitcase containing various documents and materials of the majesty of the festival, which was sitting in honor in the place of honor of the house. Another huge sadness.


Due to her weak condition, it became impossible to reach the people of Diamond Abera Weaving. Just like the disappearance of the festival, that bag containing the secrets of the great man disappeared. Perhaps in this suitcase is a draft of a novel he wrote during the six months he was suspended from work. Perhaps there are hidden words in it that the next generation should know. Maybe... who knows?


There are no diamonds here today. They passed away with double sorrow. But how good would it be if the people who took this bag thought honestly and handed it over to one of our country's heritage care institutions?


In most of his creative works, like the character of the real people who he knows very well, I wish that a strong penman would read us a book with a great love story with Ilmaz as the main character. I think Gash Abera and author Sun Melaku will consider this. Let the soul learn.



Note:- The leadership members of the Ethiopian Writers Association issued a statement of condolence last night and consoled the family of the wonderful author and journalist, Mrs. Almaz Abera, who was the owner of the festival.


The splendor of the holiday


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