Actress Kalkidan Tibebu current situation


Actress Kalkidan Tibebu is a wife of late artist Tariku Birhanu Baba.


The construction of electricity infrastructure that will benefit more than 12,000 customers is underway



Construction is underway on five 40/60 condominium sites, with an average completion rate of 42.5 to 73.61 percent at Bole Ayat 2, Bole Ayat 4, Tourist, Imperial and Meri Loke sites.


It is expected that 12 thousand 225 customers will benefit from the service when the construction is completed. In this construction, the construction of 10.52 km of middle line and 4.58 km of low line, as well as the work of the counter is being done, and the construction of the middle line has been completed.


In addition, at least 60 of the transformers scheduled to be installed at Bole Ayat 2, Imperial, Meri Loke, Bole Ayat 4 and Tourist sites have been installed. With the construction done so far, 27 blocks from Bole Ayat site and 12 blocks from Meri Loke site have been able to benefit from electricity service.


The ongoing construction of Bole Ayat 2, Tourism and Meri Loke sites is being completed by March 30, 2015, while the construction of the remaining Meri Loke and Bole Ayat 4 sites is expected to be completed by April 30 and May 30, 2015.


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