Artist Kalkidan Tibebu seen for the first time after w while


Artist Kalkidan Tibebu seen for the first time after w while.

The construction of the main office of the transport sector, which will hold 5 offices together, will be completed next year.


The transportation sector headquarters construction project, which is being built to house five offices at a cost of more than 1.575 billion birr, is being worked on to be completed next year.


It has been stated that the performance of the construction project of the headquarters of the transport sector, which will be built on 4 thousand 300 square meters in the junction area of ​​Addis Ababa city, has reached 52 points and 93.


The project has three floors below ground and 20 floors above ground, Tadele Dandena, the responsible and supervising engineer of the transport sector headquarters construction project of the Office of Large Projects in Addis Ababa city, told Fana Broadcasting Corporation.


When the construction is completed, it is said that it will be used for the Public Transport Authority, the Driver and Authorized Vehicle Certification Authority, the Traffic Management Authority, the Addis Ababa Road Transport Office and the Transport Program Management Office.


He said that the project, which was started in the 2020 calendar year, is planned to be completed next year.


It is stated that the lower floors, including the ground, can park 210 vehicles at a time.


When completed, the project will have offices for 3,000 sector officials, a gymnasium and spa, a nursery, a transport sector museum, models and displays, a public restaurant (302 seats) and a staff cafeteria (350 seats).


It is said to have a primary care facility, a digital library for each sector office, six small meeting halls and four training centres, a medium-sized computer center of excellence and common space for five sector offices.


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