Tariku Birhanu Baba


Tariku Birhanu Baba is a famous Ethiopian artist who has graced dozens of Ethiopian films.

Ethio Telecom announced a trading technology linked to Tele Birr


Ethio Telecom and Cinet Software Technology have implemented a system to make their service and transaction payments through Telebur today.


It has been shown that the new technology that has been announced can save the time of the seller and the buyer in a fast and reliable manner.


It has been stated that it will facilitate the flow of money in the country and establish the transaction process on a reliable basis.


It is said that the system connects Telebr and Cinnet software, and allows Cinet software user partners to make their service payments using the modern digital payment system Telebr, which is easy, fast, convenient and reliable when they conduct transactions.


In particular, this system helps institutions that provide services using Cinet software to make their various service and transaction payments easily using Telebr, which has more than 25 million users.


The CEO of Ethio Telecom, Frehiwot Tamru, said that Ethio Telecom is constantly introducing new methods and achieving great results, strengthening the process of making Digital Ethiopia a reality. (FBC)


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