The girl who cancelled her wedding to meet another man


The girl who cancelled her wedding to meet another man.

DSTV Media Showcase which was highlighted by "Virtual" football tournament and "Adei Fashion Show".


#Ethiopia October 4 evening at Sheraton New Hotel, senior government officials, media leaders? The annual MultiChoice (DSTV) Media Showcase 2022, which was attended by celebrities from sports and film industry, was a grand affair with various events.


Multichoice Ethiopia's head of regulatory and corporate affairs, Ato Samwari Layneh, said in his welcome message, "Multichoice (DSTV) will continue to strengthen its investment in sports, entertainment and entertainment in Ethiopia."


This annual media showcase DSTV in job creation? He stated that it aims to show the significant contribution that is being made in the provision of culture, sports and national content, in building the image of the country and in the transfer of technological knowledge.


He added that at the graduation ceremony of film art students of East African countries held in Nairobi, Kenya, Ethiopian Melkamu Haile came first among the graduates of Multichoice Talent Factory Academy and won the highest award held by the New York Film Academy. Multichoice Talent Factory is a one-year scholarship that provides theoretical and practical training to young filmmakers for one year. At the end of the year, the graduates with the first to third highest grades will win an award to travel to New York, Bollywood and South Africa for advanced studies. "Our son Melkamu will travel to New York for higher education after winning with great results on behalf of Ethiopia," he said.


The CEO of Multichoice Africa, Ms. Falhlu Badugela, in her opening message from South Africa, said, "They will do more than before in terms of narrating African history and culture and providing sports and entertainment content; "Especially for the next World Cup broadcast, great preparations have been made," he said.


In the opening speech, the guest of honor, the director general of the Ethiopian Media Authority, Mr. Mohamed Adris, said, "DSTV, which recently launched television channels focused on Ethiopians, is an institution that is fulfilling its responsibility in helping to build the government and the nation in a short period of time."


The other guest of honor, the Minister of Culture and Sports, Ambassador Mesfen Chernet, said, "It is commendable that Ethiopian content is being highlighted and dramas and films that preserve Ethiopian culture and values ​​are broadcast to the Ethiopian and foreign audiences."


In the media showcase, including the upcoming and long-awaited World Cup, the European favorite leagues and the Ethiopian Premier League, which will be broadcasted by Supersport, were held by the audience of a virtual football tournament. Prizes were also awarded.


The "Adei Fashion Show", which was presented in an unusual manner and appreciated by the audience, was also presented.


Ethiopian traditional costumes designed by designer Dagmawit Tesfaye, who produces the designs of Hriyat Albast, the character of the drama Adei aired daily on Abol Television, and used in the drama, were presented in a modern style.


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