Meet The Real Life 123-Year-Old Virgin Theressa


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This Is The Story Of a 123-Year-Old Virgin Who Can't Seem To Get A Boyfriend

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A 123-year-old Kenya woman named Theresa Nyirakajumba says she is a virgin, and is still waiting for the right man.


She, however, stated that she is still hopeful to find a male companion at 123 because she is tired of living a lonely and boring life.


On Monday, Ethio Telecom sent me this explanation, saying that it received a complaint about the information I shared about "the risk posed by some mobile applications (Apps) released by governments".


Most of the applications that we use on our smartphones use some of the information available on the phones or the peripherals such as cameras and voice recorders to fulfill their rich purpose and use the information for the appropriate use based on the user's consent.


This means that when performing the functions of registration, transaction, data analysis and so on using the applications, the user himself is able to take data, but not to allow third parties to access data.


In addition, Telebr and similar Moil Money and digital payment system applications can take the mentioned information. The reason they give permission to their phones is the information that they are required to be taken from customers in accordance with the rules and regulations of the National Bank, such as customer photo, phone information, ID that specifies the contact address, and so on. We would like to inform you that it is considered to be able to be taken through.


In addition to this, customers will be able to improve their experience in the process of using the Telebr application, mainly


· Using a camera (picture and video), to take a photo of the customer and ID during registration, and to read a QR code during a transaction (scan and pay)


· Use of users' phone records (contacts); To enable customers to send money to other Telebur users as well as to purchase airtime and packages, they can easily select from their address book to send.


· Location access: To provide location information of telebur service centers, agents, gas stations and businesses located in the customer's area.


· Financial Transactions, to allow customers to access their transaction and money transfer information (transaction history) at any time they want.


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