Please meet Zedawit Tewodros Kassahun


Please meet Zedagim Tewodros Kassahun.

Discussion forums of scholars are being held in various universities


Addis Ababa, December 25, 2022: In Addis Ababa, RC, Salale, Debre Berhan, Jimma and Assosa universities, a discussion of scholars on the topic "Role of Scholars for Nation Building" is being held.


Dr. Mehret Debebe, Chairman of the University Management Board, Professor Taswe Woldehana, the President of the University, Council members of all colleges, teachers and administrative officers are participating in the discussion taking place at Addis Ababa University.


It is known that the forum will be held for four days and the discussion will be chaired by Finance Minister Ahmed Shide.


It has been mentioned that the purpose of the discussion being held at RC University is to use the potential of the country and to make scholars find solutions in their professions to overcome the current complex problems.


The head of the Oromia Education Bureau, Tola Beriso, presented the changes achieved in the last three years to the participants of the forum.


They realized that the role of academics is greater in order to achieve the goal of the change that has been initiated, so they should support them with their profession and help them find solutions based on research to the existing problems.


It is known that the discussion will be held for two days.


At the same time, the consultation forum is being held at Salale University, where the civil service commissioner and chairperson of Salale University's management board, Mekuria Haile, have presented a document that will serve as a starting point for discussion.


Also, the teachers and administrative staff of Debre Berhan University held a discussion on the national level document titled "Role of Scholars in Nation Building".


In the forum, Debre Berhan University Executive Board Chairman and Minister of Justice Gideon Timotios presented the starting document for discussion.


He said that the purpose of the discussion is to enable scholars to contribute to nation building by conducting research, providing criticism and suggesting solutions.


In addition, he said that the platform will be of great importance as it is appropriate to build a better and prosperous country by involving scholars and taking important resources.


Also, a scholarly discussion on the topic "Role of Scholars for Nation Building" is being held at Jimma University.


The discussion is also being held at Asosa University and it has been reported that it will last for two days.


The Head of the Regional Prosperity Party Office, Mr. Ishaq Abdulqader, presented a document entitled "Role of Scholars in Nation Building", and stated that the role of scholars is superior in realizing true democracy by enhancing listening and solidarity as a country.


Apart from the successes that Ethiopia is achieving, scholars should do their part so that it can continue to overcome the problems it faces.


By Olyad by Dane and Jonathan Birhanu; More information from Addis Ababa, Salale, Debre Berhan, Jimma and Assosa universities.


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