Melat Nebiyu and Henok meet again


To solve the problem of unemployment, the coordinated work of the members of the council is important - Mayor Adan


Adanech Abebe, Mayor of Addis Ababa City Administration, said that the coordinated work of the members of the council is necessary to solve the unemployment problem.


The Bureau of Employment, Enterprise and Industrial Development is holding a discussion forum with the members of the Job Creation Council from the district to the center.


Addis Ababa Mayor Adanech Abebe and Deputy Mayor Jantarar Abai, Head of Employment, Enterprise and Industry Development Bureau were present at the forum.


According to Ms. Adanech, the coordinated work of the council members is important to solve the city's unemployment problem.


The head of job opportunities and food security sector, Fissa Tebu, has presented a document regarding the job creation movement plan and the current situation, which is being discussed.


It was pointed out in the document that it was possible to create job opportunities for 55 thousand 504 citizens in 4 months and 15 days in 2015 fiscal year.

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