Melat Nebiyu


Melat Nebiyu about her new life and family.

The traveling journalist Enoch Seum tells us this about Adwa in his book "People of Ethiopia".


#Ethiopia "...remembering Adwa yet, narrating about Adwa, Adwa will continue to travel with your father. Facing us like Hassan Amanu, encouraging us like Azmari Tadiq, like the world player cooling us with our music, like the scholars offering victory with our dua, like the priest in Mass, like the black generation in a great battle. We remember Adwa.


What is saved for us by remembering Adwan? Instead, we attack victory. We will testify before the world as to whose side we are from. Even if the world doesn't have a side, the victory has a history, so it won't deny it..."


"..I tell you again, February is not ours alone, we will share it together with all the black people. We will share it. The victory of our fathers is not a shame, it has survived for all colors...."


"...The heroes who said 'We will not rule' became a symbol of a proud color, not only a country that was not ruled. Under the leadership of a great black king, black victory was written by black people. February became the paper. Ethiopianism was the color...."

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