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It is planned to earn 3.5 million dollars from the cultivation of avocados for the foreign market - Mr. Shimels Abdisa


Addis Ababa, In the 2015/16 crop season, avocado cultivation is expected to generate 3.5 million US dollars in income from the best seed available for export, said Oromia Regional Governor Shimeles Abdisa.


The Prime Minister said on his social media page that the improved avocado initiative for export was announced in 2011 by cultivating 253 hectares of land.


After 4 years, in the 2014/15 crop season, this avocado cluster development of the best seeds reached more than 16 thousand hectares of land, and he said that he was able to generate 1 million US dollars in income by supplying 60 tons of produce to the foreign market in two rounds.


In the 2015/16 crop season, according to the plan and the actual situation, the farmers are dreaming of a cluster of the best seed available for the export market.


Based on this, he said that for the first time, shipping to the foreign market has started and it is expected to generate 3.5 million US dollars.


He added that a major success in this performance is that farmers can meet the level of product quality required by the foreign market, especially the European Union.


Ato Shimelis said that one of the goals of the Oromia region to achieve the agricultural transformation of the region is to develop the economy of the farmers and pastoralists by forming various initiatives.


He thanked the agriculturists, farmers and other stakeholders for the success achieved.

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