Eden complains about stranger talks l Miskinochu


Eden complains about stranger talks  l Miskinochu

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 ✔ Excitement

 ✔ Restlessness

 ✔ Feeling tired

 ✔ Lack of concentration

 ✔ Chest pain

 ✔ Headache

 ✔ Shortness of breath

 ✔ Nausea

 ✔ Indigestion

 ✔ Insomnia

 ✔ Dry mouth

 ✔ Excessive sweating

 ✔ Isolation from society


Anxiety disease #causes

 ✔ Alcohol, cigars, khat and other drugs

 ✔ Heart disease

 ✔ Anemia

 ✔ Diabetes

 ✔ Hyperthyroidism

 ✔ Having an excessive fear of something (Phobia)

 ✔ Separation from the person you love

 ✔ The failure of what you expected or thought


How to treat depression at home

    1. Exercise

    2. Eating clean and nutritious foods, for example:

       Fish, eggs, yogurt, green vegetables, grains, nuts, fruits...

    3. Reduce sugary foods and drinks

    4. Not using alcohol, cigarettes, marijuana and other drugs

    5. Bathe with cold water or stay in hot water for a few minutes

    6. Drinking 8-10 glasses of pure water a day

    7. Giving attention to things


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