Eden trying to look sick | miskinochu scene


Eden trying to look sick | miskinochu scene.

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President of Somali Region, Mustafa Muhammad, discussed with the youth from Jigjiga city.


New Media Network (AMN) August 16/2015

The President of Somali Region Mustafa Muhammad talked with different youths from Jigjiga city today.


In the forum organized by the Somali regional branch office of the Prosperity Party, including the president of the region Mustafa, the head of the Somali branch of the Prosperity Party, Mr. Mohamed Shale, senior leaders of the regional government and various youths were present and a wide discussion was held on current national and regional issues.


The President of Somali Region, Mr. Mustafe Muhammed, who gave a presentation to the youth about the current state of the country and the achievements of the past five years, stated that after the change, the government of Somali Region has had the opportunity to respect the people of the Somali Region for their identity and country and to participate in the country's affairs in a different way. He said.


President Mustafa also stated that the leadership of the regional government will be closer to the youth and the people and will hold extensive discussions and consultations.


The youth who participated in the forum pointed out that in the last five years, activities have been done that involved the youth in various fields, and they asked for attention to be given to youth who are looking for special needs in the future.


 They said that they will do their part to strengthen peace and development, according to the information of the regional communication office.

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