Adey drama Episode 48 (Season 2 Episode 6)


Adey drama Episode 48 (Season 2 Episode 6)

Season 2 Episode 6/48 Abol Tv

When the sum is lit, the darkness with light; Cold and hot. The sadness is replaced by hope. The total heralds that we have overcome the difficult and challenging period. Even if no one tells us, the flowers of the field and the quality of the sky, the singing of birds and the cry of the whip testify that September has arrived. This is the time when the flower turns into fruit, the fruit turns into produce.


 Cabbage-seasoned mats begin to be filled with barley porridge and various green crops. The rivers, which were terrible with the winter, had no energy to ask their relatives because of their greatness. Students prepare to return to school. September is a great symbol for our Ethiopia because of the celebrations and special events that come with the season.


Dear Ethiopians,

We have come here through difficult and challenging situations. A lot has been done to make our path dark and our feet slippery. There is no plot that has not been spun for us to descend from the rich to the poor. Those who have eaten our bread have lifted up their heels against us. A lot was done so that the river would fill us, the flood would reach us, and the flood would come down to us. But the God of Ethiopia did not betray us.


As we are told of famine, the land gives us rest. Our country wears green while we are being warned about desertification. Despite bankruptcy, our economy continued to weather the challenges. Being harassed from left to right, we filled the third round of Renaissance Dam and started our turbine. While it is being talked about that we should separate, the unity of our people is like steel.


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Adey Drama
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