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The Addis Ababa City Administration Cabinet has decided to submit the 100.05 billion birr budget plan to the city council for approval.


The cabinet will convene on Tuesday, June 21, 2014. In its 11th regular meeting held in response to the Green Imprint Initiative Program, the city administration discussed the budget framework for the 2015-2017 budget year and approved the 100.05 billion birr budget prepared by the city finance and economic development bureau for the 2015 fiscal year. He made a decision.


Out of the budget, 29.79 billion birr will be subsidized to the sub-cities and the remaining 70.26 billion birr will be allocated to the executive at the city level.


 The largest share of the budget is the capital budget for the implementation of projects. 54.87 percent is capital budget and 42.29 percent is for recurrent expenditure. The remaining 3.87 percent of the budget is reserved.


Infrastructure for priority sectors of government resources to achieve the goals set by the city administration; It is designed to use resources efficiently and effectively by prioritizing innovation and the industrial sector.


The draft budget showed an increase of 41.6 percent over the 2014 fiscal year.

 For the regular 41.31 billion (41.29%)

54.87 billion (54%) for capital

 Reserve 3.87 Billion (3.9%)

It is covered by the draft budget.


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