Artist Hanan Tariq amazing love


Artist Hanan Tariq amazing love.

Hanan is one of the most successful actresses in Ethiopia. She is beautiful, humble, talented and big hearted actress. She has graced dozens of Ethiopian films and some other Television series.


Five star Elevator is an elevator manufacturing company based in Addis Ababa, and thus we have been able to gain acceptance by many people in the city, especially in recent years, for the quality and modernity of our products.


Our company has been able to create job opportunities for many unemployed youth with the help of its experience in the field.


Five Star Elevator is trying to make its own mark in the fashion industry, especially in the fashion industry.


The Miss Five Star beauty pageant is organized every year, and apart from providing cash prizes to the contestants in the previous pageants, it was also possible to get different opportunities and develop their talents.


This Miss Five Star pageant is attended by contestants from different schools and will continue to be organized every year.


In the next competition, Dagos are also provided with cash prizes and opportunities for the winners.


This Miss Five Star competition started by comparing the employees of our institution.


On Saturday, August 21, 2014, we have completed the conditions to organize a show called Afro Vision Fashion Show at the Hilton Hotel from 12:00 pm. Six designers who have gained great fame and acceptance in Ethiopia will participate in the fashion show.


The designers have previously participated in several major platforms including Hub of Africa and Africa Mosaic, and the show will be attended by invited celebrities and actors who are making their mark in the entertainment industry.


This event shows Five Star's commitment to officially join and support the entertainment industry, and we plan to continue similar shows in other countries outside of Ethiopia.


In addition, our institution, Five Star Film Production, has established a group for talented people to develop their potential, and is providing various trainings so that the work they do in the field is based on knowledge and experience.


Five Star Productions is also producing a sitcom drama which is being prepared by qualified professionals and is also forming a music band to make its mark on the music industry.


The training provided by our institution is free of charge and music and dance as well as language training are also being provided at our head office at the South African Embassy in Basrate Gabriel.


Females Group is one of the sectors that Five Star intends to make a big contribution to the entertainment industry.


Therefore, while announcing that Five Star has officially joined the entertainment sector, we are calling for talented people who are interested in various fields who want to work with us.


On this occasion, we are committed to making our mark in the field in Ethiopia and we will try to show this in practice.

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